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1)Answer the questions(4x3=12p)
1)What are the qualities of a true friend?
2)What do you do in your free time?
3)What can you do on the internet?
4)Who uses the internet in your family most?

2)Fill in the blanks with the suitable words(10x1=10p)
 Everyone loves the __________ because it’s a great place to find information, ____________with friends, do shopping, etc. It’s fun and fast. Now ask yourself; “How much time do you spend online a day?” ___________ say that 10% of Internet users are Internet addicts, and they are always __________. They use their desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones to _________ to the Internet. They think and talk about the Internet all the time. They have many Internet friends, but they are not so _________ at face-to-face interaction.
They are generally teenagers, and they usually have __________ with their families, friends and schools.   So, what can you do if you are an Internet addict? Talk to your teacher and go to school _______________. They will surely help you


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