8. Sınıf İngilizce - 1. Dönem 1. Yazılı Soruları 1 - (2016 - 2017)

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1. Mom : I’m going out. Would you like to come with  me?   
Son : - - - -
Mom : Ok. When you want to eat something, you  can find a sandwich in the fridge.
A) Yeah, why not?                        B) No thanks, I have to do my homework.
C) Sure, I’m bored at home.         D) Yes, it sounds awesome.

2,Waiter : Would you like to drink something?
Aykut : - - - - . I would like to drink some apple  juice.
Waiter : Do you want some ice in it?
Aykut : No, thanks.
A) No, thanks               B) Yes, I’m thirsty          C) Yes, I’m hungry                  D)No, I’m full

Dear friends, next week will be 16. I will have a party and want to see you there. How about coming anden joying the party with me? I am sure we are going to have great funall together. Cheers Alice
Date : 24th Nov.
Place : Flower Café
Time : 07:00 p.m
3, Aşağıdaki sorulardan hangisinin cevabı davetiyede yoktur?
A) Where is the party?                   B) When is the party?
C) Who gives the party?                D) Who comes to the party?

4,What kind of party does Alice have?
A) Birthday party                      B) Welcome party
C) Hallowen party                    D) Pyjamas party

5,Carol : You look unhappy. What happened?
Büşra : I feel sorry because I hurt my friend.
Carol : - - - - but you should talk and apologize to her.
A) You are right. I’ll do this                                        B) You are wrong. She deserves it
C) It’s a sad situation. I understand you                  D) Don’t be sorry and don’t see her again

6, Aleyna :I have an English exam next Monday. I feel anxious. Because I didn’t study.
Pete : - - - -
Aleyna :Really? Yes,certainly.
A) Would you like to help me?                    B) Would you like to join volleyball course?
C) If you want, I can help you.                   D) If you want, you can help me.

7, Alice : Would you like to join us for the English project?
Rose : - - - -
Alice : Why not?
Rose : I have my own project group.
A) Sure, why not?                                        B) Yeah, let’s start.
C) That sounds great but I can’t.                D) Of course.

8, Şule is my true friend. We share similar likes anddislikes. We always - - - - with each other.
A) tell lies                 B) get on well               C) go for a walk                 D) come over

Dear Phil,
How is everthing going? Areyou okay? How is your newschool and friends? Did youget adapt your new city? My life is stable. You know, I’m a shy person and I haveno close friend in my class. Istudy hard and I go to thecinema at the weekends. I amReallysad because I missyou very much. Please, write me soon.

9,Carol is the - - - - .
A) relative            B) cousin            C) sender               D) teacher

10, Carol is sad because Phil is - - - - .
A) in an another city                           B) in the same school with Carol
C) happy in her new school                D) Carol’s classmate

11,Carol - - - - .
A) doesn’t have close friends                  B) have got new friends
C) is an active person                              D) never goes to the cinema

12,Uncle : How about going for a walk ?
Nephew: - - - -
Uncle : OK. Maybe next time.
A) Sure,where are we going?                      B) Certainly, I am bored at home.
C) I’m sorry but I am really tired.                 D) Yes, why not?

13,Arnold : - - - - ?
Bruce : I like going to the cinema.
A) What do you do in your free time              B) What kind of activities does Liz do
C) What would you like to eat                       D) What is your favourite subject

14,My father reads the news every morning but hedoesn’t buy a newspaper, he prefers reading them
- - - - .
A) in a book               B) on the radio               C) on television               D) online

15, Sandy : What is that?
Burak : A ticket for our school concert.
Sandy : Really? - - - - ?
Burak : I’d love to but this is for only one person.
A) Do you prefer concertsB) Can I join youC) Do you like rap musicD) Can I help you for preparing

16,Kate : Do you prefer jazz or rap music?
Bruce : I only listen to rap music.
Kate : What do you think about jazz?
Bruce : - - - - .
A) It is terrible                         B) It’s the best
C) It’s my favourite                 D) It is awesome

17,Fatma : My elder cousin is a journalist and last weekhe had an interview with my favourite rock band. He gave me the poster ofthe band. I am so happy.
Kevin : - - - - .I can’t believe it.
Fatma : Ok. I will show it to you tomorrow.
A) You are bored                 B) You are right
C) You are unlucky               D) You are kidding me

18,Sonia : - - - - ?
Eren : I go home and rest for a while.
A) What time do you go home                        B) When do you go home
C) What do you do after school                      D) Why don’t you go home

19,Sam : What do you think about snow tubing?
Berra : - - - - . I don’t like it.
A) It is boring                      B) I prefer it
C) It is funny                       D) It is very exciting

20,Judy : - - - - ?
Bob : I think they are very nice and trendy.
Judy : Thank you dear, you know I am keen ontrendy clothes.
A) Do you prefer watching thriller to comedy
B) What do you think about my new shoes
C) Did you like the final part of the film
D) What do you think about my new skirt

1. B
Cevap olumsuz olmalı çünkü; Annesi bir şeyler yemek isterse buzdolabında sandviç olduğunu söylüyor.
2. B
3. D
4. A
5. C
6. C
7. C
8. B


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