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2017-2018 - 4. Sınıf İngilizce Müfredatı

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2017-2018 - 4. Sınıf İngilizce Müfredatı
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1. Ünite Classroom Rules – Sınıf Kuralları
 Asking for permission (Can/May …? Yes, you can. Sure/Of course. Sorry, not right now.)
 Making simple requests (Give me the book, please. Sure/Of course)
 Telling someone what to do (Be quiet, please.)
 Naming numbers (Numbers from 1 to 50.)

2. Ünite Nationality – Millet
 Identifying countries and nationalities (Is s/he from …)
 Talking about locations of countries (Where is Germany? It’s Europe.)

3. Ünite Free Time – Boş Zaman
 Expressing likes and dislikes (like/dislike/hate)
 Making simple inquiries (Do you like …? Yes, I do. No, I don’t)
 Asking for clarification (Can you say that again, please?, Pardon me?, Say that again, please. Slowly, please.)

4. Ünite Cartoon Characters – Çizgi Film Karakterleri
 Expressing ability and inability (Can you play …? Yes, s/he… No, s/he can’t….)
 Talking about possessions (This is her/his/my/your …)

5. Ünite My Day – Günüm
 Talking about daily routines (I wake up, I have breakfast)
 Making simple inquiries (What do you do…? I have lunch …)
 Telling the time and days (What time is it? days of the week, at noon/night)

6. Ünite Doing Experiments – Deney Yapmak
 Giving and responding to simple instructions
 Making simple inquiries (What is “cover”?)
 Talking about locations (Where is the brush?, in fron of, behind, near)

7. Ünite Jobs – Meslekler
Describing what people do and expressing what people like (What is your job?)
Making inquiries (Where does s/he work?)

8. Ünite My Clothes – Kıyafetlerim
 Describing the weather (What’s the weather like? It’s rainy today. It’s windy.
 Making simple requests (Can I borrow your umbrealla? Here you are)
 Naming seasons of the year (It is … autumn/fall, spring, summer, winter)

9. Ünite My Friends – Arkadaşlarım
 Describing people (What does s/he look like? She is tall and slim.)
 Talking about possessions (I have brown hair.)

10. Ünite Food and Drinks – Yiyecek ve İçecekler
 Making offers (Do you want …? Want a …? Would you like …? What/How about …?)
 Expressing basic needs and feelings (I want some milk, please. Are you hungry?)


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