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2017-2018 - 7. Sınıf İngilizce Müfredatı

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2017-2018 - 7. Sınıf İngilizce Müfredatı
« : 12 Haziran 2017, 16:51:10 »
1. Ünite Appearance And Personality – Dış Görünüş ve Kişilik
 Describing characters/people (What does your best friend look like? • S/he is attractive, with curly hair and green eyes.)
 Making simple comparisons (Giving explanations/reasons) (S/he can play basketball well because s/he is taller than me.)

2. Ünite Biographies – Biyografiler
 Talking about past events (Making simple inquiries) (S/he was a hardworking person. Why did s/he move to Manchester?
— S/he moved to Manchester to study physics.)
 Telling the time, days and dates (S/he was born in London in 1970. S/he grew up in London and s/ he stayed there until 1988.)

3. Ünite Sports – Spor
 Talking about routines and daily activities (— Do you often go on a diet? — I never/sometimes/often/ usually /always go on a diet.)
 Describing what people do regularly (Giving explanations and reasons) (I never/sometimes/often/usually/ always wake up early in the mornings.)

4. Ünite Wild Animals – Vahşi Hayvanlar
 Describing the frequency of actions (Tigers usually hunt during the day.)
 Making simple inquiries (Where do tigers live? • They live in Asia.)
 Talking about past events (Giving explanations/reasons) (Some animals became extinct because people hunted them for different reasons.)

5. Ünite Television – Televizyon
 Describing what people do regularly (I usually watch football matches at weekends.)
 Expressing preferences (I prefer movies to TV series.)
 Stating personal opinions (Talk shows are usually amusing, but I think reality shows are pretty boring.)
 Talking about past events (Did you watch the wild life documentary last night?

6. Ünite Celebrations – Kutlamalar
 Making simple suggestions (Accepting and refusing) (Would you like some cake? • Yes, please.)
 Making arrangements and sequencing the actions (It is easy to organize a great party. First, Then, Finally…)
 Expressing needs and quantity (some/a lot of, a lot of/many/one or two/some)

7. Ünite Dreams – Hayaller
 Making predictions (Will I be successful in my career?
— Yes, you will. Definitely! Also, You will be very happy in your relationship.)

8. Ünite Public Buildings – Kamu Binaları
 Giving explanations/reasons (You should play in the new park to make friends. S/he can go to shopping malls to buy anything.

9. Ünite Environment – Çevre
 Describing simple processes (First, get the seeds. Then, plant and water them.)
 Expressing obligation (should, have to, must)
 Giving explanations/reasons (Rain forests are important because they are necessary for oxygen.)

10. Ünite Planets – Gezegenler
 Making simple comparisons (— Jupiter is larger than Saturn.)
 Talking about past events (When did scientists discover Pluto? In 2003, the # Mars Exploration mission began.)
 Making simple inquiries (Is there any water on the surface of Mars? What do you know about our solar system?)


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